videoWith its spectacular U-shaped bay, sosua beach is practically where beach tourism began in the Dominican Republic, and it shows no sign of stopping. Located 20 minutes east of Puerto Plata, Sosua welcomes hundreds of locals and visitors on holidays and Sundays. The beach is very popular among divers and snorkelers, because of the impressive contrasts of its turquoise-colored waters and sandy bottoms.

Whether it’s lounging on the beach, swimming in the clear water or scuba diving far out in the water, Sosua Beach offers both tourists and local residents the chance to enjoy a number of great activities.

The nearby Aqua Dive Centre gives tourists an easy way to view the underwater life of Sosua Beach. With a number of different tours from many free agents and agencies, tourists can never feel lost on this beautiful beach.

What makes Sosua Beach truly remarkable is the absolutely breathtaking pristine water around it. The water is clear and clean, offering tourists the chance to swim in cool, calm and unspoiled waters. Adding the calm and sunny weather above, spending a day on the beach is just as pleasant as a day in its water.

Not only does sosua beach offer a range of activities but also, as a major tourist destination, is located near a number of restaurants, both local and international. This allows tourists to enjoy the beach without worrying about bringing food with them. This helps keep the beach clean and stomachs full.

With a clean beach full of families and tourists, Sosua Beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches you will ever visit. However, just like any other beach, it’s vital to keep an eye on the kids.

Sosua Beach is located near a number of restaurants and an equal number of hotels, rental homes and rental gated community homes. This allows tourists to visit the beach and its surrounding life during the day and enjoy rest, privacy and relaxation only a few miles away at night.

With a host of activities available for tourists, great water, beautiful weather, fantastic local restaurants and easy accommodation, Sosua Beach is nothing short of the ultimate tourist destination in Puerto Plata. With reasonable rental fees on the beach and a family-friendly environment, Sosua Beach truly is a tourist’s paradise.





Snorkeling in Sosua Beach

Moderate amount of fish near the coral reef makes for decent underwater photo opportunities. You can see flounder, parrot fish, grouper, porcupine and dozens of other varieties.You can easily snorkel from the beach to the reefs. Taking a tour allows you to reach reefs further out and to focus on having a good time in the water, as your valuables are guarded.

Snorkelers can swim about 150 feet from shore and find coral reefs and delightful opportunities for feeding fish and taking underwater photos. There are usually several dive boats in the same vicinity, so everybody is aware of the presence of divers and snorkelers. The water is very calm in most areas, with only a couple of tricky currents, and it is crystal clear on most days.

Scuba Diving in Sosua Beach

The better scuba diving opportunities are to the West and the East of Sosua. Several dive shops offer varied excursions. Divers of all levels can enjoy shallow reefs, shipwrecks, freshwater cave diving, deep water diving and possible encounters with humpback whales and other large creatures. Summer air temperatures can hit the mid 90s, while winter temperatures drop to the 70s. Water temperatures range from the high 70s to low 80s, and visibility ranges from 70 to 100 feet.